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One Thing
by Sam Storms

This is a fantastic book from beginning to end. Dr. Sam Storms is a passionate guy and i appreciate his writing and preaching very much. This book will stretch the limits of your faith and truly show you that the closer you get to God...the bigger He is. It is worth reading just to get to the last chapters when Storms describes Heaven by describing what it will NOT be. This book is very encouraging.

Dr. Sam Storms:

Enjoying God Ministries: http://www.enjoyinggodministries.com/

Book Description by the publisher:

The goal of our creation was not simply that we might be happy but happy in appreciating God's own glory. Not in reviewing our own accomplishments or in the enjoyment of our own sensual appetites. Not in the development of a healthy self esteem or in the acquisition of a four bedroom home with a three car garage. We were made to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Nothing is more important than understanding this truth. This inspiring work helps us see that beauty has the power to convince the inquiring mind of truth. The soul's contact with God's beauty elicits love and forges in us a new affection that no earthly power can overcome. Enjoying God in the revelation of his beauty is the solution to our struggle with sin, the catalyst for substantive and lasting change and is the soul's satisfaction, with which no rival pleasure can hope to compete. So what is it about God that when known and seen and experienced empowers the human soul to feel sickened in the presence of sin and satisfied in the divine embrace? That word again Beauty. Apatheism affects not just those outside the church but those inside the church who can't be bothered with their own religion let alone someone else's.

Faithfulness and Holiness
by J.I. Packer and J.C. Ryle

One great thing about long flights for work is that I can usually read for several hours...unlike my typical week day. Today, i finished a great book. it took me a while to get through it, but it isn't exactly the lightest subject. I do recommend it for anyone interested in spirituality or Christian Theology.

J.I. Packer wrote the first half of the book about the author of the second half of the book J.C. Ryle. Ryle is a late 1800's early 1900's British Anglican bishop from Liverpool. Packer does a great job giving a brief synopsis of Ryle's life leading up to the book Holiness by J.C. Ryle.

Ryle's life is very interesting...he went from total wealth and privilage to complete poverty overnight when his dad's business (banking) went bankrupt. Ryle was a pretty hard dude, but a wonderful writer and communicator of tough subjects.

The book Holiness is all about the element of holiness in the Christians life. His chapters deal with: Sin, Justification vs. Sanctification, What is Holiness and why is it important, The Fight of Faith and the spiritual warfare, The Cost of the Christian Life, Spiritual Growth, and the Assurances of Your Faith. Its cool stuff.

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  1. Great Keller. Thank you for sharing these findings and thoughts. I am understanding more and more about God's discipline in my life and do know it is good for me. And staying in his path is a blessed place to be.